Art Classes for Children & Adults of all ages.

You have the Ability to Create Amazing Art!

What makes ArtAbility so unique?

  • Established in May 2011, the ArtAbility Studio is located in Point Vernon in beautiful Hervey Bay, Queensland.
  • Lessons take place in a purpose-built, well-equipped, air-conditioned Art Studio set in tranquil gardens.
  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention and loads of encouragement.
  • While allowing for individual interpretaion, lessons are structured so that no matter what your level of proficiency, everyone achieves. 
  • Tutor is a Registered Art Teacher with the Queensland College of Teachers and a Blue Card Holder with many years of class-room experience teaching Visual Art to both Primary and Secondary School students.
  • ArtAbility classes are designed to engender confidence, offer sequential learning and build skills and techniques across a variety of mediums.
  • Drawing, Painting, Print-making, Mixed Media, Sculpture and so much more.
  • 2 separate Art Programs offered:
  • Weekly classes are structured into four 9 week terms.
  • Holiday workshops give opportunity each school holiday period for specialisation in an Art Area of your choice.
  • Students are encouraged to be creative and enjoy their Art-making.

Anne Ham, Principal of ArtAbility, has been a resident of Hervey Bay, Queensland since 2001, and is an experienced Visual Art teacher who holds current registration with the Queensland College of Teachers. She has developed and taught programmes in Visual Art for over 25 years in both Primary and Secondary schools on the Gold Coast and in Hervey Bay and founded ArtAbility in May 2011.

ArtAbility Philosophy

Come along, participate, learn, grow, enjoy and have fun!

ArtAbility provides a unique service to the community catering to all age levels and media preferences. As a teacher of both Primary and Secondary school students for many years, I realise that we all learn differently. Each of us has been uniquely crafted and we are all wired in our own special way with giftings and abilities like no-one else. Each of us comes to class with different expectations, and maybe even some fears and insecurities. The ArtAbility Studio is a safe place, set in a quiet, tranquil environment where you and your children will be nurtured to engage creativity, celebrate colour, and produce amazing artwork.

For Children

I endeavour to engage each child every week with exciting Visual Art lessons. Each lesson will be different from the preceding lesson and no child will ever repeat a lesson or a workshop. Material is channelled to the age and ability level of the child with sufficient scaffolding provided for each child to succeed. Children who attend classes over any length of time will acquire skills and knowledge which is built on to ensure progress. Confidence grows as children see their own successes. With Visual Art being progressively squeezed out of school curricula and the prevalence in our society of ‘push-button’ technology, it is essential that children engage their creativity before they become too self-conscious to express themselves in this way. ArtAbility classes complement school programmes and give children the opportunity for fun and friendship without fear of competition.

For Adults

Adult classes and work-shops cater for all ability levels from absolute beginners, to practising artists. Most of my adult students come because they wish to put some creativity back into their lives and to de-stress from their busy work-a-day worlds. Many have not done any Art since leaving school. Others come for guidance in product, technique and style. Every lesson and workshop is structured in a way which ensures that you have something worthwhile to take home. You will be exposed to many different mediums and ways of working. It is never my desire to make ‘artistic clones’ of anyone. Coming from a school teaching back-ground, I have had to be proficient in all aspects of Visual Art. I am therefore happy to teach across the gamut - drawing, water-colour, acrylics, oil painting, pastels, ceramics, print-making, mixed-media and more. I am also constantly learning, and eager to pass on to you what I discover.

2020 and beyond:

Thank-you for visiting this website.

After much, thought, soul-searching and prayer, I have made the momentous decision to retire.

From early 2011 I have lived, eaten and breathed ArtAbility.

I have sunk my heart and soul into this enterprise for so long, but now it is time to say good-bye.

This has been my ministry under God for the last 9 years and I know the ArtAbility Studio has been a place of healing and growth for many.

I have taught hundreds of children and adults of all ages in weekly classes and holiday workshops ... many have been long term attendees ... some for 6, 7 and one even for 8 years.

It has been a real joy for me to have been able to have such a positive input into so many lives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and watching artists both young and old blossom in so many ways.


I will continue to foster my Stem Cell Nutrition health business, which I am very passionate about.

I have personally seen people I know experience huge health improvements like better eyesight, improved immune systems, lower joint pain and more energy.

Others have been able to be free from depression and anxiety, children with autism are better able to engage and many see multiple health improvements.

I would like to help more people experience better physical and mental well-being.

 ... and I may run more Art events from time to time ... Stay tuned ...

Contact me to register your interest in any future Art Events I may run on a casual basis.


With 26 years' experience, Anne Ham knows a thing or two about art.


What People Say

Thanks so much for today, everyone is just buzzing. Good to have your expertise!


L. just loves coming to art. You are an inspiration to her. Thank you.


Many thanks for the opportunity for O. to do some extra Art this term – he has really enjoyed it and we have been delighted with his creations each week.